About Pozzas

Our Kitchen is Your Kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen! We are a family-owned company located in Tontitown, Arkansas. Pozza’s Pasta opened its doors over 40 years ago and has been a long-time local favorite.  Our story is rich in Italian heritage and old-world traditions that take us back to the cucinas (kitchens) of our Italian ancestors. Their pioneering spirit and desire for a better life brought them to settle Tontitown, Arkansas. Here, they thrived by doing what they knew best – farming and cooking. The rich Italian traditions of using fresh, natural ingredients grown and harvested from the land complemented our ancestor’s centuries-old skills of creating delicious meals in the kitchen. Foremost among these traditional meals was the art of making pasta.
It’s an art and recipe that has been taught and handed down through our Italian families for centuries. We’re delighted that each Pozza’s Artisan Handcrafted Italian Pasta product has roots in the genuine Italian tradition.


Preserving Tradition

What’s the difference between commercial pasta and artisan pasta? It’s all in the process employed, which lead to very distinct and different flavors.


The Ingredients
Pozza’s Artisan Handcrafted Italian Pasta is handmade daily by us in small batches, using specially milled unbleached flour and only the finest locally sourced ingredients to ensure a superior product. We knead the dough minimally to achieve the perfect consistency.
The Pasta Dies (Extruders)
As pasta artisans, we shape and form our pasta using bronze die cuts, which create a distinct porous texture on the pasta. This allows the pasta to retain more sauce beautifully, leading to a robust, flavorful experience.  Commercially produced pasta is extruded and shaped through plastic Teflon dies which create a smooth surface pasta that releases most of its starch into the water and doesn’t absorb the sauce.
The Drying Process
Just like our Italian ancestors, we slowly air dry our pasta at low temperatures on wooden racks. This creates a perfect outer crust on the surface of the pasta. The result is a full-flavored pasta because the integrity of the wheat and fresh ingredients have been preserved, naturally!  Unlike commercially produced pastas, no chemicals or high-heat processes are used to speed up the drying time.

What’s in a Dish?

At Pozza's, we are passionate about making pasta an extraordinary eating experience and here’s why – the kitchen is the gathering spot for families and friends alike, and for good reason. It’s where stories are told, hearts meld, and memories are created – all around a flavorful dish of pasta.  We are delighted to share the bold, beautiful flavors of true old-world Italy with you through our line of Pozza’s Artisan Handcrafted Italian Pastas. We hope you enjoy eating our pasta as much as we enjoy making it!


Welcome to our kitchen and buon appetit!

Lucius and Alison Mhoon